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Anonymous asked:

how do you tell someone you love them? Everyone says "just tell them" but i'm terrified, pathetically mortified.


grab him by the balls

look him deep in his eyes

and say

this is how much i love you

well said

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Happy - Pharell Williams (cover by hollabacknick)

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Happy - Pharell Williams (cover by hollabacknick)

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 at 10PM

"Happy" -Pharell Williams
But you knew that.

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Anonymous asked:

What's your instagram? Haha


sorry it’s new lol

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The double overhanded surgeons knot, homie.

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NEW IG: hollabacknick_

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Pharrell Williams -Come Get It Bae ft. Miley Cyrus

Semper Fi.

Semper Fi.

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'Show Me' - Chris Breezy x Kid Ink

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Dear Photography Gear,

It would be very helpful to my life and the lives of my other photography students and professional friends if you were so expensive. You do realize that photography isn’t the most lucrative profession right? I mean I know you are super well made and are so incredibly good…

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